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Are you looking for a virtual assistant? Want to know what you’ll get and how much it will cost you to use virtual assistant services? What are the best platforms for hiring virtual assistants, and where can I get some personal recommendations? Don’t worry, we are here to help you.

Managing your time effectively is a difficult task. Everyone strives for efficiency, but it’s extremely difficult to achieve when you have to handle multiple mundane tasks on your own. And it is precisely at this point that hiring a virtual assistant can transform your business and your life.


A virtual assistant is a dedicated individual who provides a wide range of services to your business from a remote location, most notably in another country. It’s essentially a virtual assistant who works from anywhere.

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As the internet grew and expanded at a rapid pace in the early 2000s, more and more businesses realized that they didn’t need to bring all of their employees into the physical office and that certain tasks should be outsourced to freelancers via the internet save time and money.

Below are the 9 most used virtual assistant services in 2022

Customer service

Many virtual assistants have previous customer service experience, making it simple to transition them to a part-time or full-time phone or chat support role as needed. Your virtual assistant’s abilities can range from answering phones to managing projects and providing evening training to you and your customers.
One of the most popular customer service activities performed by virtual assistants is:

  • Managing customer inquiries
  • Taking customer orders
  • Product shipment management
  • collaborating with logistics
  • Maintaining records Responding to consumer complaints

Administrative support

Express Virtual Assistants is a virtual administrative assistant service provider that ensures your administrative efficiency is at its peak 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our service is the solution to your administrative problems. We can handle administrative parts of your organisation while saving you time and money by outsourcing virtual administrative assistant services. As an admin support virtual assistant, you can help with email and inbox management, research, generating templates, and other administrative tasks.

Digital marketing

A virtual assistant for digital marketing is a remote assistant who manages all areas of your digital marketing. They do not need to be present in person at your office or business because they work remotely. A digital marketing assistant’s responsibilities include administrative activities, market research, database updates, and generating material for the company’s social media site and web page.

Graphic design

Graphic designer virtual assistants continue to be in high demand. It could be designing marketing materials, social media banners, website design, and numerous graphics to attract the attention of potential clients. This is a position requiring medium to high skill levels, and more experienced virtual assistants might charge higher fees. Graphic designs for blogs, company websites, social media themes, logos, and photo editing are among the most typical requests.

Seo management

An SEO Specialist Virtual Assistant, often known as an SEO VA, is someone who works on your SEO strategy remotely. They can assist you in implementing your SEO methods, or in the case of SEO specialist VAs, they can build an SEO strategy specific to your organization. Using a virtual assistant for SEO is a cost-effective and scalable option. Your virtual assistant will understand the issues that businesses like yours face and will be able to collaborate with you to design a strategy that will allow you to compete with businesses of all sizes.

Virtual SEO assistants handle all of your search engine optimization chores. These tasks are divided into two categories: onsite SEO and offsite SEO.


Bookkeepers are required by businesses to record business transactions and maintain track of the figures. If you want to learn more about how virtual bookkeeping works, check out our in-depth article: Everything You Should Know About Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant. As more online accounting programs become more cheap, it is normal for bookkeeping to experience a surge in remote options. They are also less expensive than hiring internal employees or hiring the neighborhoods accountant next door.

Social media management

Ignoring social media in the twenty-first century is tantamount to digging one’s own grave. And social media is more than just marketing; it is the first point of contact your clients have with your organisation. While your small business may not require the services of a full-time digital marketer, it might profit greatly from the services of a social media virtual assistant. A social media virtual assistant can help you with important duties –

  • Developing post ideas
  • Social media content creation Scheduling postings
  • Comment monitoring and response
  • Content investigation
  • Trend analysis
  • Campaign administration
  • Monitoring social media metrics
    Regularly updating social media profiles
  • Monthly newsletter creation and distribution
  • Monitoring competitor activities

Digital advertisement management

As organisations boost their usage of digital and online advertising, an increasing number of virtual workers are being hired to work on online and digital advertising. According to a poll, a larger portion of many organisations’ advertising budgets is increasingly being spent on digital commercials. Businesses have now understood the value of targeted advertising and the benefits of operating internet marketing campaigns that are supported by actual numbers. Facebook ads, Google Adwords, and promoted content on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. They typically collaborate with digital marketing generalists and graphic designers.

Content writer

The greatest strategy to get organic traffic to company websites is still to create high-quality, interesting content. It takes time and demands a lot of effort. Businesses recruit remote workers who can create and generate high-quality content quickly. This content can be found on blogs that have been optimised to rank for specific keywords. Text writers typically collaborate with SEO managers to select the keywords to be woven into the content. A content writer with SEO skills can be more valuable and so charge greater fees.

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