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    Building the future, Restoring the past

    Nextgen believes in building architecture that is inspired by the surrounding environment, demographics, and the upcoming expectations of the people in society. Our team consists of business management experts with extensive experience managing remote staff to provide oversight, reporting, and project delivery as needed. Your outsourced architects give you the negotiating power to bring your design concepts to life at a lower cost.

    Our team views design as a team and the founder endeavours to ensure that the project links individuals with their surroundings in a way that embraces the uniqueness of that location. 

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    Architect outsourcing and its importance

    Outsourcing is one of the fastest-growing industries today. It enables architectural and engineering firms to gain the advantages of specialization and professional expertise at a fraction of the cost of hiring an internal team. You can efficiently boost your growth plan by forming strategic partnerships with outsourcing service providers.

    Below are a few points that show how outsourcing an architect is the best decision. 

    • The best approach to handle increasing tasks
    • Get imaginative and creative designs for the project
    • Skilful and cost-efficient
    • Improved focus on core activities
    • Reduced costs of operations and services
    • Expertise on designing

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    Our services

    Leading Architect support services provider in Australia

    Architectural drafting

    Architectural drawings and architectural drafting are required to develop a design idea into a coherent proposal and to give our concepts and ideas concrete form.

    3D Rendering

    3D rendering has improved the dynamics of the architectural and engineering industries. Textures and effects can be added to various landscapes using 3D rendering techniques.

    Landscape design

    Landscaping is an excellent way to utilize small open spaces in cities. The space crisis is easily addressed by developing a cost-effective and natural development of green plants and natural landforms.

    3D Architectural animation

    Thanks to advances in 3D animation technology, 3D architectural animation can now provide onlookers with a realistic image of a building even before the foundation stone is laid.

    Why choose Nextgen for your architect outsourcing?

    We listen actively to our clients in order to provide a design that is appropriate for their needs and the environment in which the building is situated.Our proven track record of project delivery success demonstrates that our approach works. We distinguish ourselves from others by taking a holistic approach to project design, ensuring that your styling ambitions are perfectly suited to your project environment.

    Clients work with us because of our expertise, flexible staffing, quality work, and dedicated team that prioritizes your needs and fulfills your demands according to your requirements. 


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